Astrophotography from 1908 — 1919

I can’t even describe how much respect I have for early astronomers.

Image courtesy: Yerkes Observatory, Royal Observatory of Greenwich, Mount Wilson Observatory

The Winners Of The Sony World Photography Contest



A Swede jumps out of a plane

This year, the Sony World Photography Contest received an astonishing 139,554 image entries. Ranging from the beautiful to the desolate, the humane to the ultimately alien, judges sifted through hundreds of thousands of technically immaculate and…



Vistas aéreas

This is awesome!

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If Andromeda were brighter, this is how it would look in our night sky.
They’re all out there, we just can’t see them

Distance to Earth: 2,538,000 light years


The moon’s shadow on the Earth, during the November 3rd 2013 solar eclipse. Photo taken by the tiny (1kg) AeroCube-4 cubesat. Seriously.

Photo: The Aerospace Corporation


Saturn’s hexagon is a persisting six sided cloud pattern around the north pole of the planet. It is created by a band of upper-atmospheric winds, and the sides of it are about 13,800 km (8,600 mi) long, which is longer than the Earth’s diameter. There’s a hurricane swirling within the hexagon.

(Images by the Cassini spacecraft)


Inspired by the work of Yodamanu


Inspired by the work of Yodamanu